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ElderberryGuru is dedicated to the review and analysis of current scientific research on elderberry’s health benefits.  It is our commitment to conduct ourselves with integrity in the presentation of both scientific results and opinions and to always distinguish between the two. 

Our aim is to cover emerging elderberry developments and doing so will require ongoing research by the dozen part-time medical doctors, research scientists and health professionals that have made up our “staff” over the last twelve months. 

Our start in 2017

Liz and I (Bill Farrell) started ElderberryGuru as an adjunct to our diverse farming in Lyme, Connecticut.  This project germinated from our desire to separate fact versus fiction about elderberry’s health benefits.  On the web there are thousands of enthusiastic testimonials describing how people feel elderberry made them healthier.  And science too seems to support some of these claims.  But we wanted to understand exactly what trust a prudent person with no experience with elderberry should place in its perceived healing powers.

Science will never answer many of the most significant questions we humans have.  But there are applications, such as scientific research about the healing properties of elderberry, where quality science can be useful in helping us better maintain our life-force.

ElderberryGuru is the product of our passion for self-knowledge.  As farmers growing elderberry since 2009 we’ve come to love the plant, its flowers, fruit and folklore – as so many people have for thousands of years.  But we also appreciate how much insight we’ve lost about the healing properties of plants as daily life for many of us has become abstracted from food/medicine production.  Ultimately, we hope you will follow our footsteps and choose to grow this miracle plant whenever and wherever you can. 

Thank You to Our Contributors!

We would like to thank the many contributors to ElderberryGuru.  Though we try to provide you sufficient monetary incentive to research and write articles, we know that it’s really your passion for science – learning and sharing – that inspires you to write analysis that will undoubtedly help others.  Thank you!  And to any medical doctors or scientists among our readership who wish to make a contribution please seek us out via the “submissions” link on the home page.  We would appreciate the help!

Bill Farrell


Separating fact from fake news

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