Dark purple elderberries and black berries, and a jar of juice

Elderberries and Other Fruits: Juice Versus Skins | Susan Elrod, Phd

By Susan Elrod, PhD You may have heard that fruit skins contain some of the best nutrients.  Much of this is fiber, but other nutrients...
Vehicle's tail pipe exhaust can contaminate elderberry fields

Does the Nutritional Content of Elderberries Vary Depending on Whether They Were Grown Organically...

By Michele Repo, MD Berries have received no shortage of good press and are firmly established as a “healthy” food. But, are all berries created...
Glycemic values of foods indicate their impact on blood sugar

Elderberries and the Glycemic Load | ZORA DeGrandpre, ND

By Zora DeGrandpre, ND The elderberry—more formally known as Sambucus nigra spp—grows as a small, deciduous shrub native to North America, Europe, Asia and North...
Elderflower fritters draining on a paper towel

Are Elderberries Safe to Eat: Raw, Heated or Otherwise Processed? | Eugene Fenster

By Eugene Fenster, PhD Where elderberries are grown and how they are prepared have an impact on how safe they are to consume and the...
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