European Union regulation of elderberry

Overview of EU Regulation of Elderberry as Medicine | Nnenna Udensi, MD

By Nnenna Udensi, MD Considered on its medicinal merits, elderberry is currently viewed as a herbal supplement by much of the world. Different countries have...
Elderberry dosing science is blank like this dropper bottle

How Much Elderberry Should I Take? What Should the Dosage Be? | Nnenna...

By Nnenna Udensi, MD People around the world use elderberry in various foods including wine, jams, desserts, drinks, etc., and when used for these purposes,...

A Comprehensive Review of Elderberry’s Effects, Scientific Studies Using Elderberry, 2013 – 2018

By Nnenna Udensi, MD Overview This review covers the recent literature regarding the effectiveness and safety of elderberry products in medicine. Its purpose is to discuss...
Science has not studied elderberry and children

Are Elderberries Safe for Kids? | Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, MD

By Dr. Pierrette Mimi Poinsett, MD, Pediatrician Medical science has neither evaluated the efficacy nor the safety of elderberry supplementation in children.  To-date, there have been...
Holistic vets recommend elderberry

Elderberries and Animals: What Does the Science Say? | Jon Stack, DVM

By Jon Stack, DVM Methods: I performed a literature review between July 12 and August 14, 2018. Databases accessed include PubMed, Google Scholar, and Web of...
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