Freezing berries can change their nutritional profile

Maximizing the Antioxidant Power of Berries | Melissa M. Melough, RD

By Melissa M. Melough, RD Berries contain many health-promoting nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and fiber. One reason they’re often heralded as “superfoods” is their high...
Sambucus nigra spp. canadensis ripening on the bush

The Elderberry- “The Tree of Music”- is a Rich Source of Anti-oxidants | Sarah...

By Sarah Crawford, PhD INTRODUCTION The American elderberry (Sambucus canadensis L.) derives its name from the Anglo-Saxon “aeld” which means fire, as its hollow stems were...
Colorful fruits and vegetables may be a clue about their nutrition

Introduction to Polyphenols in Elderberries | Susan Elrod, PhD

By Susan Elrod, PhD Many consumers are interested in the content of polyphenols, the wonderful antioxidants suggested to improve health, in their favorite foods.  The...
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